I made this page to share some of the criticism that I’ve gotten that I find amusing. Maybe you’ll find it amusing, too.

When I explored the topic of whether Pokemon or Digimon came first, I made my case in a logical, straightforward manner that made it difficult for someone to come away with any conclusion besides the obvious one. Dude Bro, on the other hand, did otherwise:

dude bro magnetricity

Dude Bro, who seems to have a problem with capital letters and punctuation, thought it appropriate to say hi after name-calling and accusing me of not doing research. And he waited six minutes to do it. Apparently, his position was that because Mega Latios looked like Sparrowmon, I didn’t do my research. While it’s not unusual for a person to post on a topic on the internet before doing research, Dude Bro seems to have taken this perceived omission very personally.

After having read his post, I decided to look for an image of Sparrowmon:


And to my surprise, it did bear a resemblance to Mega Latios, which came afterwards:


Does this mean that the case is closed, and my points are not valid? No. Sparrowmon’s design would seem to be original, if it weren’t for a character design introduced back in 2002:

shiny latias


The conclusion?

sparrowmon and shiny latias

Shiny Latias was introduced in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire 8 years before Digimon Xros Wars. This means that, once again, Pokemon wins the originality battle. Perhaps some Pokemon designs look like characters from Digimon, but comparing them still won’t get very far, because Pokemon took far more imagination to make overall, which stands to reason considering that it’s not a “me too” IP.

Digimon is like the Deadpool of anime. It’s a shameless copy of an existing intellectual property, and that’s so obvious that it’s hard to imagine anyone denying it. However, you’ll occasionally find someone who will passionately defend it. And when they do, it can be pretty funny.

As for Dude Bro, his location has been appearing in my logs, so he’s evidently very concerned that I might decide to continue arguing with him. He really seems to think his own arguments are clever. You’re free to read them and come to a different conclusion.

I got another satisfied customer in one of my Pokemon vs. Digimon pages. While I suspect that this one was trolling in an obvious attempt to end up on my Critics page, this guy worked hard enough to make it happen, so I decided to reward his efforts.

Here is how my exchange with him played out in the comment section:





Well done, you made the critics page.

Will your comment end up on my critics page?


3 comments on “Critics

  1. I honestly don’t see the resemblance.

    Digimon a shameless rip off? Maybe it started out like that but it definitely isn’t one now.

    The only thing Sparrowmon and Shiny Latias have in common is the color yellow. Look at the wings on Mega Latias and compare them to Sparrowmon’s. Gaossmon and Shiny Tyrunt? Or the Pokemon reBurst Manga and Digimon Frontier?

    Digimon recently is more like Shin Megami Tensei, look at Cyber Sleuth and Devil Survivor 2, they even had the same artist and pretty much the same concept.

    Both monsters are based on planes, it’s not hard to find some key comparisons. like saying “GREYMON IS A RIPOFF OF CHARIZARD!!” Because they’re both reptiles. Greymon is a Ceratosaurus, and Charizard is a lizard with wings. (Not a Dragon, by the way.)

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