About this page:

While some pages start with some visionary focus, this one is off-topic. Rather than being limited to a particular criteria, just about any topic can be discussed. Magnetricity is intended to focus on fun things or what I might feel like posting. I can go just about anywhere and take on any topic.

So far, I’ve reviewed a YouTube channel, listed restroom etiquette tips, and laughed at a bad WikiHow page. Follow this page, and watch where I go.

Among the most popular pages on this blog:

Why did I choose the name “Magnetricity”? For one thing, I’m an aspiring electronics technician. It’s what I go to school for. Also, it was a word I heard someone in the room bring up when I was thinking for a name for this blog. I decided to give it a try, and it was available. I went with it.

About me:

I’m not the kind of guy who tries to bring attention to myself, but people seem to notice that there is something different about me, so I do end up getting attention, anyway. I hate injustice in any form, and I stand up for what’s right. I believe that society benefits more when people focus more on what they have to offer, rather than being miserable that they’re not offering the exact same thing as someone else.

I’m a Christian who observes the seventh day Sabbath, which is from sunset on Friday to Sunset on Saturday. I have a blog dedicated to Biblical Christianity here.

I’m currently a student, and my major is Electronics Engineering Technology. As of this writing, I’m one semester away from graduating. Afterwards, I’ll likely have a job in the field, perhaps as an electronics technician. There is a possibility that, at some point in the future, I may go on to electrical engineering.

I don’t have many hobbies that I would consider exceptional. I do play Nintendo games. There aren’t a lot of sports I like, unless those sports happen to be things like hiking and archery.

Fact: I dislike Dot-Communism. Not all web pages are equal.


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