5 comments on “Nintendo goes after AM2R? What?

    • General opinion of Metroid by those who’ve played it is usually very positive, but Metroid doesn’t have a very strongly pronounced fan base. I can recommend it to those who enjoy platform games but want to try something different from the standard level-to-boss-level-to-boss formula.

  1. It really bugs me that Nintendo went after this project. We haven’t had a really great Metroid game since Prime 3 (and that was nine years ago). Hopefully, with the NX, Nintendo can finally do something with Samus again that’s worthwhile.

    • That’s a possibility. Nintendo has indicated that Federation Force is going to be part of a new storyline that is part of the Metroid Prime series. We’ll likely see another FPS starring Samus that’s more in the tone of the Prime series. I’m a little concerned that Nintendo may feel discouraged at the negative reception that Federation Force has received.

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