One comment on “Pokemon vs. Digimon: Why Pokemon wins

  1. -.- To this day the ONLY game that Nintendo and TOEI should just cut to the chase and DO already would be a Smash Brothers’ style game featuring the top Poke’mon vs. the top Digimon (and not a fan-made cop-out either. a legit game that both companies could certify as “official”).

    One thing to keep in mind about Digimon. Nintendo is a legit gaming company that has a better foot-hold on both American and Japanese Audiences. Digimon is owned by a near-bankrupt animation studio “TOEI” that is known for delivering the most animation for the lowest budget possible. The studio that brought Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon brings literally the fusion of the two and mixing a little Power Rangers (which was theirs too if I recall). So, I suppose the Digimon fans are confusing shock that the low-budged animation company could end up with something that would hook people so effortlessly (but not without some serious doctoring by FoxKids… as it is THEIR theme song that you’ve been humming these last 15 years. Can anyone honestly say they remember the Japanese version “Butterfly”?)

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