4 comments on “My opinion of cheating in Pokemon

  1. I think i half cheat.. I breed Alot of flawless egg move Pokémon meaning 5 to 6 ivs beneficial nature with egg moves..i get them shinyfide through friends. Id clone them then trade away. I did allot of breeding tho make sure they have my OT name.
    Anyways what do you think?

    • My opinion of a pokemon’s validity won’t really have any bearing on whether it’s valid. When it’s Nintendo that hosts tournaments, they set the rules concerning what’s valid or not. Nintendo encourages entering competitions with pokemon that have been attained through normal gameplay without the use of external, third-party devices or save files modified with unofficial software. Making a non-shiny pokemon into a shiny one or cloning them doesn’t sound like a part of normal gameplay.

      • The only modification they get is the shiny and clone.. This was back in my y version and the where all kalos born and bread to perfection! I think if they are allowed to compete then they are not hackes.. Tours won’t let you compete if they are modified in any other way

  2. The only problem in cheating I found is in shinies or clones, as well as perfect IV’s in a Shiny Arceus. (Seriously, though.) However, competitive battle cheating is more difficult to do nowadays, and I can get my Shinies through egg hatching. (I got a Shiny Charmander this way! :D) However, cheating for shinies is a bit cheap, and ruins the experience of freaking out when a golden Charmander comes out of your egg, or when you encounter a Shiny Caterpie. Also, I AM TIRED OF PEOPLE WHO ALREADY HAVE A HOPPA I WANT ONE TOO!!!!!! D:

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