7 comments on “Mega Evolution: Did Pokemon Steal from Digimon? Let’s Settle This.

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  2. no offense dude what about snatchmon and mega metwo y i am not here to offend you but they do look similar both have an ass tail head thing

  3. but like you said japan likes nick names so pretty much it was a coincidence tamagotchi means egg watch so it is a coincidence but digmon is more likely inspired by godzilla you can tell by looking at greymon

  4. The Pokemon and Digimon franchises have been fighting for a while, but in terms of popularity, accessibility, and income, Pokemon overshadows Digimon. Also, Digimon is not widely known in America anymore. (Where I live, only one other person knows about Digimon.) :3

  5. Ok well my theory is this: If digimon or pokemon wanted to copy off of eachother, they would try to not make it obvious, and taking the information she gave us, which was that Pokemon came first, like you said dudebro, snatchmon and mega mewtwo DO look very similar, ( and even though I am a pokemon fan, I think snatchmon looks cooler ) the copying COULD go the other way around. Or we could both be completely wrong and it just could have been a coincidence. Thats what ALOT of things are. :3

  6. It doesn’t matter if something was ditched or not tbqh. And didn’t they use digivices to temporarily evolve a digimon? Im pretty sure they did, so yes digimon DID come up with the idea first.

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