5 comments on “Greninja is Uber, says Smogon

  1. So i just got into competitive battling cuz one of my fb groups I’m in uses players as Gym Leaders and E4 members. I thought this was great cuz i could use greninja, one of my favorite pokémon. I was dissapointed when learning that greninja had been banned, though i understand why. So hopefully I can replace him with another great member..

    • Hi Josh,
      Smogon is a competitive battling community which develops its rules with the intention of them applying to it’s own competitive community. While many communities do follow Smogon’s banlist, it might be that your Facebook group has a different banlist and a different set of rules. If you plan on competing in a different competitive community, it’s recommended that you learn the rules for that community. It might be that your community has a different banlist.

  2. Though i don’t really want too. But does anyone know what the format and where m I can find the ban list for VCG?

    • There are webpages where the official rules are discussed, such as this one: http://nuggetbridge.com/news/standard-ruleset-2015-vgc-season-updated/

      That page provides a brief mention of the rules for the 2015 VGC season, and provides a link to a PDF document for the official rules for the 2015 VGC season. The World Championships for the year 2015 has just concluded, so it may be that there will be an updated set of rules for the 2016 season to be made available in the coming months.

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