10 comments on “BugCo. BugBox: Cricket convenience, or killer death evil bad? An objective review.

  1. well this is what i found about “wafoo” this is an excerpt from an interview with someone associated with the bugbox company…

    Haukom: We’ve developed a product called WaFoo, which is a combination of water and food that is placed inside the cricket box to extend the life and vitality of everything in the box. It’s a long-term feeding system. WaFoo gives the cricket essential nutrients, extends the shelf life up to two weeks, separates wet from dry and lowers microbial counts.

    What we are trying to do with pre-packs is to get quality nutrients into crickets–continual access to a high-quality food and water source without gaps in freight or at retail. That’s why pre-packs will grow; they are a better nutritious feeder. It’s better for reptiles.
    – See more at: http://petbusiness.com/articles/2009-08-01/Bug-Bites#sthash.nuOhKM5v.dpuf

  2. I am not sure if I’d buy this again. I got it for my baby bearded dragon and almost every cricket that was inside the box came out of the little door opening. Now I have like 20 crickets in my tank that my dragon can’t eat. That is not safe for my baby dragon. Now to figure out how to get them back in the box….

    • I love these things. Our beardie figured things out pretty quickly and sits by the door and nabs the crickets as they crawl out. When he loses interest, we seal up the door with a small piece of duct tape and take the container out of the tank. Now, if they could just breed silent crickets, the world would be perfect. 🙂 The chirping drives my dogs (and husband) nuts.

  3. However convenient this may seem, it can come with serious consequences with other cricket eating pats. I keep various species of mantids and within two days, some of these crickets had given a few of my mantids a bad bacterial infection. It killed two of them, both females or tropical species. All vomited constantly, however these bacteria are only deadly to inverts, so your reptiles should be safe.

  4. OK..so..I purchased the cricket box today. Cool idea! I thought the little “wafoo” things were water sponges and added some water to them and came back half hour later to more than half of my crickets dead or dying. Hmmm…the “wafoo” turned to a gluish substance but not dure what it was that killed off the crickets . It was very strange…Do Not Add Water to mystery wafoo. It was like a bug bomb.

    • Hi Jared,
      Thanks for sharing your experience. While I don’t know for sure what killed your crickets, one thing I learned from experience is that crickets can drown very easily, even with just a little moisture. If one were to water their crickets by placing a small dish with water in their keeper, one can come back later to find that some have drowned in it (like most insects, crickets breathe through their skin, so even partial submersion or even a quick spraying with water can drown them quickly).

      While Wafoo might not be ideal cricket food, it typically keeps them fed and watered by itself. If you wish to feed them well (and in so doing pass that wellness on to your reptiles), orange slices work great. Some pet supply stores stock a Fluker’s product that resembles mashed-up jello that is made for watering crickets without drowning them.

  5. Can anyone tell me what the purpose of the yellow thing that comes in the box, is it harmful if my beardie ate a piece of it.

    • Hello Crystal,

      It’s likely that the yellow thing is a bit of Wafoo that got loose. It’s intended for nutrition for crickets, and is likely completely harmless to your reptile if accidentally ingested. If it ate some and you’re concerned, keep a close eye on it. I’m not a reptile professional (nor am I a reptile at all, for that matter), so my advice on this matter doesn’t really carry much weight. But be ready for a trip to the vet if something goes wrong.

  6. Anyone else find that the BugBox! doesn’t contain nearly the number of crickets claimed on the box? My regular pet store was out of crickets and I found the BugBox! at a pet store I don’t usually go to. Had a hard time finding a box where I could even see any crickets in it. Finally found one, but once home just out of curiosity opened the box into my larger cricket keeper. Rather than the 50-60 sm/med advertised on the box, there were 26 (plus or minus 2) sm/med crickets. No dead ones either. This makes BugBox! crickets about double what I pay at my regular pet store. Unless you cut the box open and count them seems like it might be hard to tell if you got the advertised amount, which could lead to some pretty hungry herps and a pretty nice profit for the BugBox! company.

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